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The Piano & Richard

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is 

Richard 'Wazz'-Pianist & Composer.  I have been a musician since the age of  5.  As a young child, it was discovered (by chance),  that I possessed the musical phenomena of 'Perfect Pitch'.  I was categorized as being 'musically gifted' and labeled a 'child prodigy'. Yikes!


And so, I was enrolled into both- The Manhattan School of Music & The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music; they were called at the time.  

I began to study music theory, and began the task of learning to read music.  Upon my initial exposure to rudimentary classical tunes/rewrites of Mozart, Chopin,  and the like.  It became apparent that, despite my  difficulty to advance in my reading ability--I was uncannily able to mimic my teacher's 'model playing'  (the sheet music) -- by simply hearing the melody.  Then, I would immediately mimic what I heard-- with perfect precision.  I was not really reading the music-but playing 'by ear'.  I was able to 'fool' the instructor;  for only so long.  It was inevitable that I would be found out...

 It turns out that the reason that I had difficulty in advancing in sight reading music was because I had a form of dyslexia.  The musical notes would jump around on the sheet music pages.   I truly struggled.

And so, fast forwarding the many years since then, I have been heavily relying on my ability to create  and express music by way of my innate and natural 'ear'. If a piece of my music needs to be transcribed, I rely on software to accomplish that task.


 And so, because of this gift, I have been blessed, through all these years, with the ability to express myself by playing, performing, composing & recording music.


I have had the pleasure of Writing, Recording and providing music for SHOWTIME CABLE NETWORK, for their cable television series, 'BILLIONS'--which continues to be available Internationally on the SHOWTIME Network.  



-I have been a Pianist at Lorenzo’s Cabaret in Staten Island, NY for 11 years, providing music for their Sunday Brunch Venue.  In that capacity, my goal had always been to provide a piano ambiance that evokes relaxation, reminiscence, romance, conversation and calmness for the guests.  Interestingly, Lorenzo’s Cabaret has also featured many talented Broadway and Film stars through the years, and I had the privilege of being the opening act for some of them…Rita Moreno and Lainie Kazan immediately come to mind.


My music is never presented as a show or performance.  My musical approach in any venue is to be a part of the entire experience of the room; fluidly and dynamically evolving with the vibe of the venue-if you will. in the moment.


-I also compose original music for visual/video/film at my music studio. I perform, record, engineer all instruments and mix-master my work.  I have collaborated in many exciting projects in this realm. A particularly rewarding task in the last year has been to collaborate with a very gifted writer at the Staten Island Advance in writing music to accompany her videos for the Newspapers Electronic Edition called,





Musical Expression has Been, Is,

And Will Always Be,

My Life's True Passion.

I feel truly Blessed in my Musical Journey through


© 2014 Richard Wazz-LLC           ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


"I Strongly Believe that Love exists amidst the beauty of Nature, in its Intricate Textures & Forms,  breathing the Music of our Humanity....

 If  one would just

Pause, Look, Breathe and Listen--with our Soul and Heart; 

Oh, What Happiness it may Bring! 

....Even If it is simply  for

Just One,  Joyful Moment in Time.

That would be -- Powerful & Grand"!

All the Best,


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Copyright 2014 Richard Wazz, LLC

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